Project Feel Good – the reveal (finally)

Last week I featured a former magazine beauty editor gone blogger and super nice person. Most of you guessed Chereen Strydom (For the Beauty of it) by the second day. And you are right! It totally was Chereen!

Sadly, Chereen’s feature didn’t enjoy the much deserved attention I usually give to my featured bloggers – my bad! It’s absolutely no reflection on her, but more on my inability to juggle all my commitments.

seppukuShe’s the bomb!

This week, I decided to do something a little different and instead of emailing her (because both of us are very busy) I thought I’d make a word montage of why Chereen is so awesome.

Chereen is awesome

The winner!

Congrats to Lauren Groenewald – our very first PFG blogger. Lo-Grow… will be in contact with you soon!

Also… due to the lack of hours in the day, my diminishing social life, my blog backlog and my seriously neglected laundry basket, I have decided to make Project Feel Good a monthly insert instead of a weekly series. This way, I will have time to collect enough awesome hints and I’ll be able to make the prizes bigger too!

Have a happy Sunday! Stok mannetjie signature


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