Tuesday 10’s – Summer lusts

Tuesday 10’s – my summer holiday lusts

I don’t know about you folks but I’m planning my holiday already. I’ve paid my deposit, planned my pre- and post- New Year’s activities and this time around (unlike last year) I’m going to forget about the “worldly problems” that haunt us because… guess what, 2013 Leana… yes you get frustrated… but it all works out… and you’re stronger for it.

I sought out to find THE summer MUST-HAVE items for 2014/2015 and I made my own personal short list of things I really, really want.

tuesday 10's

  1. The perfect pair of shorts – girls… We don’t wanna see your cookie monster… please. Lots of women these days think that the more cookie cleavage their shorts show, the sexier, but … no! I like a nice pair of shorts that says “Hey gals… let’s get drunk and let’s not care how we fall tonight… coz we’re all covered up!
  2. I’m REALLY into my “fringes” lately. I’ll add fringes to my panties even. Fringes are those “haartjies” that comes on the edges of Persian carpets… the ones that your gran used to comb straight after she vacumed her house. Every self-respecting, cancer-aware gal knows to stay out of the sun. I want a beach umbrella with fringes that says “What? Jealous?” How pretty are these umbrellas?
  3. I LOVE leather handbags. I especially love bags like the one in this picture. It screams “I’m free bitch! Whatcha gonna do about it?”
  4. Scenic prints – I want scenic prints on my duvet covers, I want it on my pillow cases, I want it on my towels, I want it on my tee’s… I WANT IT EVERYWHERE!
  5. Round beach towels – it hasn’t hit SA shores…. yet… but it’s all the rage in Australia and out of all of the above, it’s the one thing I want most. The one in the picture above is from the Beach People (The creators of the Original round beach towel) … or as I like to call them… fucking geniuses! What you won’t be able to see, is the fringes around the edges… again… obsessed!
  6. Frilly bikinis – I love bikinis and have never worn one out in the open without a sarong or shorts, but I’m feeling pretty confident this year and might make my beach debut with one of these babies… a cute frilly bikini. I might have to shop around for one…
  7. I love hats. I don’t have any room in my tiny apartment to keep hats, so I refrain from getting more than I can handle. But this flower cap is TOO adorable! I want it… where can I get it?
  8. You may think… “why does she need boots in summer?” but look at these! Aren’t they just adorable? Also, there will be those summer nights that aren’t as warm as you’re used to and these puppies will come in handy… also… in the autumn months, you’ll still be rocking solid pink flowers! I want!
  9. I have no effing idea how to surf, but doesn’t this surfboard make you want to learn how to surf?
  10. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs – I don’t think I have to explain myself here…

Do you have ANY idea where to get (most of) these items? Because I would PAY for successful leads … Stok mannetjie signature


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