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Getting Social with Laundry and make up – don’t ask me… just do it!

I recently got invited to attend a “Day to Night” workshop at “I love my Laundry” and ever since Cindy Alfino announced that the next blog meet will be there … the intrigue struck hard.

My mind immediately jumped to one of the first episodes of 2 Broke Girls where these Hipsters rented out the laundromat for their 80’s popup disco party. I won’t lie… I wished I was there. 2-broke-girls-105-1Source

I digress…

Social Club has partnered up with the always classy and camera ready, Fiona from Inspired Living SA to bring us a super fun girls night out while teaching us how to pull off  the perfect Day to Night makeup, clothes and hair transformation. Not gonna lie… I need help in this area!
If you’d like to join in the fun, the tickets are R180 each which is REALLY worth it. There are still some tickets left and I would LOVE to see you there too! Because… wine… and dimsum…. duh! Don’t ask questions… just do it!
Oh… and you see those logos there at the bottom… these will be in the goodie bags. super-duper-anchorman

Yves Rocher Express Eye Makeup Remover – the “Use the fancies, Dammit” Challenge

Girls, if you know this mascara….


Then you’ll know what waterproof mascara really is. You’ll also know just how difficult it is to get rid of it when you want to go to bed.

In my Cape Town Bloggers meet goodie bag, I received this amazing make up remover from Yves Rocher.

CAM00270Now, I’m hardly a newbie to the brand – their fragrances have been my kryptonite for quite some time now and my most recent autonomous gift was this lovely Yves Rocher Moment de Bonheur gift set (that I’m using so sparingly).

yves rocherBut I digress… So, I mentioned that the Catrice Waterproof mascara is pretty difficult to get rid of. It really lives up to its name but after one too many lashes lost and one to many panda eyed mornings, I decided to give the Yves Rocher Express eye makeup remover a go.

Firstly, the two toned liquids kept me occupied for days… it’s so fun to play with. Secondly, it’s so simple to use – Shake, squirt onto a piece of cotton wool and use to clean the eyes – DONE!

There’s no negative points with the makeup remover and it is very gentle on the eyes. Usually, it looks like I’ve contracted pink eyes after trying to rid myself of the super adhesive mascara, but now, it’s a “no mess, no fuss” deal for me. Yes, it’s a little oily, but it’s also very moisturising and I’m down with that.

I’ve spotted the Yves Rocher Soft eye makeup remover on Kalahari for an impressive R95 for a 125ml bottle. Check it out here. It’s great for those of us who wear contacts too! Make sure you follow them on twitter – @YvesRocherSA and also check out their Facebook page here. From now on, I’ll make sure that there’s an Yves Rocher makeup remover in my bathroom cabinet at all times!

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I got Essence bombed

It took some convincing for me to latch onto the Essence phenomenon. I don’t usually go with the status quo but there’s no denying that Essence is a serious player in the cosmetics market. What I love most about them (and what keeps me glued to Hey Gorgeous too) is the constant reinvention and new products that seem to pop up every time that I gawk at the Essence shelf in Clicks.

I recently got gifted at the Cape Town Bloggers meet and by my “bride to be friend” with a bunch of cute Essence goodies that I was eying, but wouldn’t have bought myself. Not for want of intrigue, but more because I was on a serious spending hiatus.

Currently, my arsenal of Essence products consists of:


1. Essence – Stay with me in I like Cotton Candy

There was a little bit of a mix up with my RubyBox order in December and to make up for the long wait, the lovelies sent me a little baggie of goodies AND a handwritten note from Kathleen Scaglia. Amongst the goodies was a Stay with me lip gloss. This little treasure isn’t sticky and the colour really does stay longer than the usual gloss. The colour is gorgeous and I can’t wait to try the others in this range too. This fun gloss is a must in any handbag.

2. 3D eye shadow

To be honest, I haven’t tried this yet (sacrilege I know) but eye shadow is one of those things I put on when I absolutely have to. I’m guessing my girl card is being revoked now. The one thing that really stands out for me… literally, is the dark blue shade… it actually stands out – like 3D. I’m not quite sure if there’s a reason behind the 3D effect or if it’s just for show – I’ll have to check out a few tutorials to get my facts straight.

3. Essence XXXL shine lip gloss

I love a good lippie – in fact, I’m currently rocking 4 different ones in my handbag plus another 5 on standby. The Essence pink XXXL Shine lippie is so much fun. It looks fun, it smells fun and it makes me feel like I’m 6 years old again, playing with my Tinkerbell cosmetics. I hate stickiness in lip gloss and won’t think twice about chucking a R100 lippie out if it makes my kakebene lam coz my lips are sticking together, but here I don’t have this problem. I would honestly recommend this lippie to any girl who wants something to keep in her purse for when the hot Wakkaberry guy rings up her order (lols)

4. Essence Long Last retractable eye liner in Black

I fell in love with Avon’s Glimmer stick – it made me think “I’ve been sharpening pencils all this time?”. I’m never going back to sharpening pencils again – ever.

The problem with the Glimmer stick was that it was slightly expensive and doesn’t have a very long life. I thought I would be summoned back to my medieval pencil eyeliner until my bride to be friend gifted me with an Essence retractable eye liner. At only R19 at Clicks I don’t ever have to go back to splinters in my eyes. In fact, I even prefer the Essence one to the Avon because it lasts much longer and doesn’t smudge!

5. Quattro Eye shadow

I got this jewel from Lisa Jade in the delish box she sent me. It is truly a low maintenance gal’s best friend. The only thing you have to think about is the type of “look” you want. The colours are so different but they complement each other so brilliantly. In my opinion, it is the perfect handbag companion for the girl on the move. You don’t have time? No problem! The Quattro is all you need to create the look you want… on the move!

6. Essence Color and Go nail polishes

Here I have some mixed feelings. I love the colours of the nail polishes – I like them all. As far as quality is concerned, I found a little inconsistency:

That’s what I mint

My love for this colour was inspired by Ordinary Misfit (a nail art genius). I saw a post of hers and then I was off to buy my own – Essence… please take note. As soon as I got home I started playing with my new colour, but I soon shoved it aside when my nails took 2 decades to dry and for the rest of the day I picked up some chips that made it impossible to pull it off.


I got this one from the Bloggers meet. This one was thinner and took 2 coats for me to properly see the colour (which isn’t bad). It dried quicker and lasted much longer. Get the most out of the colour with a super base coat and top coat and you’re set to go for the rest of the week.

Space queen

Lisa Jade gave me this one. This clear pinkish colour with the added “wow” factor of glitter is definitely my favorite in my nail polish cavalry. Try two to three coats for a fun gel-like look or use as a top coat to create a totally different colour.

My overall experience with the products is simply FANTASTIC. Initially, my Essence abstinence was fuelled by its appeal to the Teen(y) market as opposed to the (late) 20 something year old customer. There was, however, a part of me that wanted to take part in the Essence revolution. It was only after I read reviews by women my age and older that it occurred to me that it’s only make up, darn it! Not Mickey Mouse accessories. We always take ourselves so seriously, so it’s nice to have a brand like Essence that puts a smile on your face when you get ready for work in the mornings.

PS… whatcha think of my totally self -made magazine looky-liky pic?

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Avon Metallic Colour Palet and Glimmer stick LOOK 2

I really cannot tell you how much I enjoy my new found obsession with Avon’s Metallic colour pallet. I’ve known and used Avon for a while now because it is such a trusted brand – I mean, it comes from my mother’s generation and they’re still going strong. Because I’m such an Avon loyalist I’ve introduced the eye shadow pallet to my friend and bride-to-be (post coming soon).

I always consult my trusty handbag sized Glamour Magazine for more info on trends and beautification so all my Avon posts are based on something I’ve seen in the Glamour mag. The newest trend is the studded eye lid and even though I cannot fathom how women manage to bat their pretty lashes comfortably while sporting the eye-dazzels, I have to admit, it is really pretty. The following look was sort of inspired by something I saw in the Glamour magazine (but just without the gems).

I get carried away

This is my good side

When it comes to makeup and as mentioned before, I love simple, easy makeup and great looking makeup. I don’t like being over-done either.

I decided to use the following colours plus the 3rd from the bottom (now we’re here)

IMG_0372 IMG_0373

First – Use a good primer or moisturiser – why not use one that’s good for you? Use a Hey Gorgeous tinted moisturiser (R185) which comes in banish and repair, vitamin C or anti-aging.
It helps the powder stick to the skin. You can also use some E L F eyelid primer (I sound like a pro now hey). I hear they are amazing!!!

I started off with using the milky metallic (at the top) and covered my entire eyelid with it and I used it generously. I then used the oxblood/maroon to cover the eyeball to crease area (whatever that’s called) and in the corners (by the tear ducts and the outside corner) I splashed a little silver. This is (apparently) extremely KEY to the metallic finish.

I also want to share with you a very awesome move that the Hannon lady showed me regarding blusher application:

Blush application

Blush application

Imagine a “C”. With your Blusher brush, apply the blush powder from your forehead to over your cheekbone. As I’ve mentioned before in one of my posts, it has to look like you’re sunkissed. So that means the tippie of your nose and your chin too. Just dab a little there as well. And then… voila!!

I love me when I'm Avon'ed

I love me when I’m Avon’ed

I finished off the look with my trusty Avon Glimmerstick in Black (Thank you Beauty Bulletin), my Scandaleyes and my Apocalips in Celestial. My outfit was a grey one so I let my makeup to the talking on my behalf and I must say… it was a hit. Together with the red nails done over with white crackling nail polish I felt pretty and confident. A great braai night out with a little bit of a splash.

Thanks Avon and Beauty Bulletin! I love my Metallic eye shadow (just wish I took more pics of myself using it).

Avon and Beauty Bulletin Review – look one

Oh Em Gee, that's meee

Oh Em Gee, that’s meee

When I got the message that I would be receiving an Avon Colour pallet (and complimentary products) to review I was at work sitting at my desk and having the worst day ever. I got up from my chair and did a little happy dance because it is the first time I’m receiving a product to review from Beauty Bulletin so I’ll try my best to do you proud BB!!

After annihilating the post office packaging I was pleased to find inside:

IMG_0254 (800x600)

Avon metallic colour pallet


IMG_0255 (800x600)

Avon Glimmerstick – blackest black – lurve this

I’ve been wanting to try the metallic look for a while now but was simply too scared to try something so daring. What you need to know about me and makeup is this – I’M A WUSS! I prefer to sticking to what I know. But, seeing as I had some free time that afternoon and seeing as I had a very fancy “to do” later that evening, I thought I’d have a little fun.

First off – I have to apologize for the poor quality of the picture of me in this post, but it was the only one that I’m willing to show you. Instead, I’ve got the idea for you in the pic below:

IMG_0252 (800x600) (2)

August Glamour chick

Step numero uno:

With Metallic colours you need something that serves as a base for the powder to stick to. My skin is very sensitive to any sort of moisturiser so I use natural skin care products. I used Hey Gorgeous’ tinted moisturiser (R185 – mocca shade)

IMG_0252 (800x600)

Hey Gorgeous – Caramel tinted moisturiser – R185

Step numero dos:

For an evening look, as you know, colours have to be bolder. I used my black shimmer stick from Avon (Thank you ladies) lining the eye and the lid – now you have your parameters to work around – it makes your eyes pop.

Step numero Tres:

Cover the entire lid with the silver shadow and be generous.

Step numero Quatro:

Cover a thick brush (I got this entire set from Ralo for only R25 – neat huh?) with the shade of blue you want to apply and sweep from the inside corner straight through to the outside corner (keeping eyes closed of course) – it should look like a rectangle. Now you start blending.

IMG_0262 (800x600)

Eye Brush set from Ralo – R25

Step numero Cinco:

Apply mascara – In the Avon spirit I applied my old faithful Avon Super enchant mascara. Don’t apply to the bottom lashes!! We only want those top lashes to “wow” and awe.

Avon Super Enchant

Avon Super Enchant

Step numero seis:

Using a neat blush brush (also from Ralo and for only R27) and your choice of blush, sweep in a circular motion from your forehead down to cheek bone. The point of blush is to make you look sun kissed… not like a Russian nesting doll. Blush the tip of your nose and your chin too. Tip – it should look like you’ve spent the day in the sun.

Ralo blush brush R27

Ralo blush brush R27

Step numero siete:

Because I wanted the focus on my eyes and because I wanted to stick as much as possible to the look in the pick above, I opted for a nude colour lippie. I month or so ago I won an Apocalips (celestial) from Rimmel and I loved it so much that I got it’s sibling – nude Eclipse (R89 from Clicks) and it worked very well with the look I wanted to go for.

Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse - R89 from Clicks

Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse – R89 from Clicks

I should also mention that I like makeup when it’s easy and this was VERY easy to accomplish and if I can do it, so can you.

Thanks Avon and BB!! I’ll be posting some more looks as I go along.