Happiness is a Hey Gorgeous Pineapple and Mango Body Sorbet

Just like everyone who attended the Hey Gorgeous High Tea at the One and Only Hotel, I got the first look at their spring/summer range. As I was helping to set up and pack out the products, I “Ooh and … Continue reading

Face-mapping, Heart shaped biscuits, tea and Dermalogica

Last weekend, as a Women’s day treat, Heather and Dermalogica arranged a little get together for the Bloggers who Bless girls and a friend. I didn’t hesitate to invite my bestie, school chum and Tina Fey to my Amy Poehler, to join me in a morning of heart biscuits, tea and Dermalogica.

As part of our treat, we got a free face-mapping assessment and I’ll tell you this – knowing exactly what is wrong with your skin AND knowing that you are the only one to blame is both empowering and shameful.

Since my blogging journey started, I had received quite a few Dermalogica goodies, but I never knew how to use them and thus, never REALLY appreciated the range.

After everyone was assessed, we had a “face bar” session where we did our own “Dermalogica mini-facial” using products suited for our skins that target our problem areas. This was a defining moment for me. My skin was angry with me – so inflamed and stingy, but it soon calmed down after the very active products settled on my skin. But besides the flared up skin, I realised that if I wasn’t going to take action, my skin is going to pay the consequences.

Each of us left that day with a goodie bag containing 3 products to help us on our journey to glorious skin and every day since then, I’ve used them religiously. I think it’s safe to say, I’m addicted to Dermalogica. Dermalogica


Nimue Vitamin C Moisture Mist – the “use the fancies, Dammit” Challenge with Tom Hiddleston

In my most recent Bloggers who Bless goodie bag, I received a Nimue Vitamin C moisture mist. This little gem is the sole inspiration for my “Use the fancies, dammit” challenge. I took one look at it and knew that I’d enjoy using it – I wasn’t wrong. The bottle is as classy and fabulous as the 15 on Orange hotel:

NimueThe brand low down:

Nimue was initially aimed at the medical market for application before and after surgeries. Since then, it has become a globally recognized brand and today we can find their innovative products in leading salons.

Nimue knows their stuff as far as skin care is concerned and is renowned for their skin classification concept whereby skin is categorised as follows:

  1. Environmentally Damaged Skin
  2. Hyperpigmented Skin
  3. Problematic Skin
  4. Interactive Skin

Their methods of treating skin are simply based on Rejuvenation, Restoration, Antioxidation and Sun Protection.

This makes more sense than chucking skin into “age groups”. I’m sure you can agree that nobody “ages” the same and that skin damage can result from a magnitude of factors ranging from diet to exposure to the sun.

This is why you want to use the Vitamin C moisture mist:

Besides the obvious hydration factor, this mist freshens the skin as well as act as a natural UVA protector. Vitamin C is a key ingredient in many “anti-aging” products as it acts as a stimulator for the production of collagen, which means better skin elasticity and a radiant and hydrated skin.

The short term benefit: it immediately makes you look refreshed.

The best part of it all: all 4 of the skin categories can use it and you can use it over your makeup without worrying about it messing up all your hard work.

On a personal note: Don’t be a blondie like me and spray your face while breathing in. Also, (and I’m sure I don’t really need to say this, but if I did it, others might do it too) close your mouth and eyes when you use the mist on your face. That being said, it doesn’t taste too bad and it doesn’t burn your eyes so much… so…

tumblr_m7ol92YOxI1ql141xo1_500*scuse me while I gather myself … I LOVE YOU TOM*

Cost and contact: At first, I was afraid, I was petrified, but very happy to see that it will be raining Nimue products from here on forward because they are very affordable. This bottle retails for R150 but check your local stockist, because I’ve seen them going for an impressive R139.00 each.

You can find your nearest stockist here.

You can like their Facebook Page here

Follow them on Twitter – @NimueSkinSA


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Oh my, Optiphi! – The “Use the Fancies, Dammit” challenge

The Fancy stuff

At the Cape Town Blogger meet, I got an Optiphi Classic Restore Therapy moisturiser in my goodie bag that’s been begging to be used.

The thing, and I know what this sounds like, is that I don’t have face issues. I have big pores, yes, but it’s not a crippling concern of mine. I have great skin, especially for someone who’s approaching (ah hem) the 30 year mark. However, Gran always said

“prevention is better than a cure”

and taking my skin for granted has been weighing heavy on my conscience.

And so, I started using the Optiphi moisturiser. Firstly, I like that it’s a day/night moisturiser, because the difference between the two, blows my mind and I can’t be bothered with trivialities.

The packaging screams “I’m fancy!” and it comes in this classy squirt bottle:


The uplifting, orangey colour of the moisturiser is a refreshing twist – I expected it to be white or clear. It smells fresh and it feels silky, but also almost… balmy.

It serves one major purpose – to RESTORE the skin. Basically, this moisturiser does everything from replenishing lost moisture to activating the production of collagen – ANTI-AGING on steroids.

After only one week of use, my skin feels more hydrated and it looks youthful too. A word of caution – don’t use too much. I touch my face a lot (BAD LEANA), so at the end of the day, I had all these “residue balls” on my face. By Thursday, I realised that I don’t have to use 3 squirts of moisturiser. 1 Squirt is enough and will absorb into the skin with ease.

A 50ml bottle retails for R650 to R900 depending on the stockist. It is somewhat pricy, BUT because:

  • it really works,
  • you only use a little at a time, and
  • because it’s a day AND night moisturiser,

I think I’ll buy it sometime in the future.

For your nearest stockist, contact OPTIPHI – 0126676244 | E-mail – info@optiphi.com or visit our Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/optiphibrand  or Twitter page – @optiphi

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The fancy stuff

My girl card should really be revoked. I’m a horrible lady and a disgrace to beauty lovers everywhere. For months/weeks I’ve been the owner of some pruh-ty cool high-end skin care products and I have yet to use them.


 It was only when I test-spritzed my newest addition, the Nimue Vitamin C moisturising mist, that my intrigue in these products was sparked.

When this “hidden compartment” in my brain magically unlocked, I immediately rummaged through my goodie bags and bathroom cabinet in search of my other luxury skin care products…. And … voila!

The Fancy stuff

  1. Dermalogica – Sample sized Skin hydrating masque, Sample sized multi active toner and sample sized ultra smoothing eye serum. (From Bloggers Who Bless)
  2. Sisley – Instant Perfect Shine and fine lines minimizer (Got some time ago to try but oops I didn’t)
  3. Dermalogica – Sample sized Pre-cleanse (From Bloggers Who Bless)
  4. Yves Rocher – Soft Eye Make-up Remover (From the CPT Bloggers Meet)
  5. Nimue – Vitamin C moisturising mist (fast favourite) (From Bloggers Who Bless)
  6. Sisley – Global Perfect Pore minimizer (Again… oops)
  7. Optiphi – Classic Restore Therapy moisturiser (From Bloggers Who Bless)

So, this marks the beginning of my own little challenge – the “Do the Fancies, dammit” challenge. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting about these products and then you can make up your own mind about them. And while I’m at it, I’ll throw in some perfume posts too, just to round off the whole “fancy” thing.

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Storyderm – cloth masks are the way to go! #CPTBloggermeet

Guys… there are just so many things I have to work through in order to see the bottom of my awesome Cape Town Bloggers Meet goodie bag. Seriously, the swag was magnificent and I’m honestly SET to go for the next couple months. need more shelves in bathroom

Before the most glorious of glorious goodie bags I’ve only seen pictures of cloth facial masks. Not only were our gifted masks of the cloth kind… no sir, they were STORYDERM facial masks which were sponsored by Cherryink (http://www.cherryinkgroup.co.za – site under construction at the moment). I wasn’t too keen on looking like a serial killer from the 80s but then I thought it would be a hoot to see Ginger jump up while manning kitchen utensils… and so I used the Storyderm Rejuvenation Anti-Aging facial mask…..

IMG_0126 (1280x960)I must say… after considering the pros of the cloth facial mask, I’ve decided that I will NEVER use anything else again. The reasons:

  • They are totally reusable
  • Because it covers your face, your skin heats up, which means your pores open up and your skin is able to absorb the goodies in the mask easier.
  • They are not messy like conventional masks
  • And you can simply take the cloth off and you’re done… no mess no fuss

So, taking this into consideration, I’m really keen on trying Cherryink. Here is more information on them – Click here.

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DIY Green Tea Face Mist


Morning all!

Here’s another do it yourself beauty product that is going to really help you out this coming summer (if it ever gets its ass here!). We all know the benefits of drinking green tea and how if consumed daily you can see the results coming through in your skin. Green tea is filled with antioxidants, its ingredients are natural and have antiseptic properties too which all make for a GREAT skin treatment. Green tea also contains caffeine which is often used in cosmetics as an anti-inflammatory, since it can aid in puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.


What you’ll need:

A spritzer bottle

Box of green tea/couple of teabags

What you’ll need to do:

Boil the kettle and pour about 250ml into a bowl. I used 250ml because that’s the amount my bottle can hold, so feel free to use whatever amount you want, just add or subtract…

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