Why I do what I have to do on Facebook and get the hell out of there

“Before Facebook, you could just forget people existed… it was great” I saw this funny quote today and thought “Yup, those were the days” and then I thought… but wait… why don’t I just clean up my Facebook friends list? … Continue reading

Whenever ….

Whenever I feel like swearing at someone who has some sort of influence on my life….

super-duper-anchormanWhenever I feel like swearing at someone who has some sort of influence on my life….


Whenever I feel like swearing at someone who has some sort of influence on my life….

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Detox challenge update – the home stretch baby

I just realised that I’m less than 24 hours away from eating tempura sushi and drinking … well Iced tea. Still with the “no wine” for another 5 days ……

Olivia_help_meI know Lisa-Jade… I know. Wine IS my friend, I’ll just have to see her again on the 11th so we can discuss some pressing matters.

Now to get through tomorrow, but what’s keeping me on track are these super duper cute items from Cotton On:

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Detox challenge update – Day 2

Judging by the way I’m dealing with stuff, it is apparent that I have a wine dependency issue…. Overshare! I have to admit that I’m not as hungry as I was and I just chug down the Herbalife shake holding my nose to avoid puking. Just a footnote – the shake doesn’t taste bad with milk, but there’s a significant difference in taste when using soya milk…. Bleh. Just look at that gross colour…

I can definitely see why detoxing is good for you. Yesterday was BAD. I was hungry, moody, sad and shaky. Today I was the opposite and I’m feeling strong. It’s amazing to actually experience the saying “you are what you eat” and then to realise what a good, focused and energetic person you can be when you feed yourself properly.

The bad thing is that I’ve developed a cold – but according to experts it is totally normal and you should just take it easy. So yay for me – no exercising until Thursday! Also, my bedtime has moved to 9pm – No point in being hungry!

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Detox Challenge update – Day one!

The clock struck 6 and I thought “I want out!” You guys! This is hard! Here’s what I can eat:

  • 3 Herbalife shakes a day
  • Up to 6 Herbalife teas
  • Herbalife Aloe drink
  • 1 portion of steamed veggies/salad of your choice

Thalgo also sent me 10 vials of Ocea Draine detoxing solution which I’ll be taking every day. It doesn’t taste so good but that’s how you know it really works. 😀

Thoughts? 3 days to go!

My crazy level? It’s about 6 out of 10… going-crazyFindings:

Yeah, I don’t know what it is, but my skin and even hairline have become so incredibly oily but I like to think that it’s the detox that’s pushing out all the gunk in my body and out of my pores – gross.

Bitching and moaning aside, I feel strong and very proud that I’ve made it through the first 24 hours!

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Challenge June

juneeImage from nobilityinme.blogspot.com

Every month I get excited about being one month closer to Christmas – my fave part of the year. BUT wishing life away is probably not the best way to live, is it?

I, just like everyone else, work really hard for my money and every month I just put it away for a “rainy day”. No, I’m not telling you not to save for a rainy day, but why not live a little?

Still feeling somewhat conflicted about spoiling myself, I thought of seeing it as “rewarding myself” instead, but this idea, in turn, brought up my voice of reasoning asking “but what did you do differently that you deserve to be rewarded now?” Ahg! The voices in my head!

So, I’ve decided to set up a few challenges for myself in the month of June. I will have to complete them all in order to get …. a shopping spree worth R2000!!! Yes! I’m giving away a shopping spree to myself IF I manage to pull off these challenges.

First up (which I’m starting with today) is my 4 day intense detox. Getting rid of toxins in your body and in your life is VERY important for personal growth, health and wellness. Then I’ll go on with a 6 day “recovery” detox which is less intense but still means “NO ALCOHOL” and if you know me, you’ll know how much I love my wine.

Seeing as I’ll be as emotional as the mother of the bride on the wedding day, I’ll be chronicling my “findings” every day.

Why don’t you challenge yourself this month? Pushing yourself and successfully completing challenges is such a rush!

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