Project Feel Good – the reveal (finally)

Last week I featured a former magazine beauty editor gone blogger and super nice person. Most of you guessed Chereen Strydom (For the Beauty of it) by the second day. And you are right! It totally was Chereen!

Sadly, Chereen’s feature didn’t enjoy the much deserved attention I usually give to my featured bloggers – my bad! It’s absolutely no reflection on her, but more on my inability to juggle all my commitments.

seppukuShe’s the bomb!

This week, I decided to do something a little different and instead of emailing her (because both of us are very busy) I thought I’d make a word montage of why Chereen is so awesome.

Chereen is awesome

The winner!

Congrats to Lauren Groenewald – our very first PFG blogger. Lo-Grow… will be in contact with you soon!

Also… due to the lack of hours in the day, my diminishing social life, my blog backlog and my seriously neglected laundry basket, I have decided to make Project Feel Good a monthly insert instead of a weekly series. This way, I will have time to collect enough awesome hints and I’ll be able to make the prizes bigger too!

Have a happy Sunday! Stok mannetjie signature


#Projectfeelgood – Round 8

You guys! This week is a REALLY special feature for me because I absolutely LOVE this woman and I look up to her social as a blogging mentor too. I don’t really know her, but my stalking skills serve me … Continue reading

#Projectfeelgood Round 7

This week I did something different. I got approached by the gorgeous Irina from I’ll take it all to feature the equally gorgeous Chicara from Lipgloss Kisses… cue the “awwww”!

Now, if this isn’t a feel good post, I don’t know WHAT is.

Anyways, so, because I don’t know Chicara as well as I want to, I asked the lovely Irina and the ever lovely Heather to help me with the hints this week. (with the exception of yesterday’s hint… coz that was all me).

Business first

This week’s winner is Dawn Wallenkamp who ALWAYS enters – honey, won’t you please email me your postal addy so I can send you a gift?

Madam Chicara (I stole this from Lauren btw)

I’ve always looked up to Chicara – her blog is fantastic, beautiful and I can’t look at it for too long because my eyes hurt from the awesomeness. I think everyone can agree that she’s worthy of being featured in this series! Who am I round 7I sent her an email with a couple of questions and here’s what she had to say:

1. This week I did something special – some of the hints were Irina and Heather’s ideas. Does it make you feel special knowing that 3 people worked on your feature together?
Chicara: Absolutely! I’ve come to realise that I’ve made some awesome friends through blogging. We might not all live in the same city but these ladies are very special to me. With all the competitiveness and backstabbing that happens in the blogging world it’s nice to know I have a group of blogging friends that are like a ray of sunshine.
2. Another special thing – Irina nominated you a couple of weeks ago to be featured. She said that she thinks you need a “pick-me-up” and should know how awesome you are. How do you feel about that?
Chicara: Wow! That’s so incredibly sweet of her. Yes, she’s right. I definitely did need the “pick-me-up”. I think we all go through rough patches in blogging and sometimes we lose focus and end up being a bit hard on ourselves. It’s amazing to know that she always has my back. 🙂
3. From the beginning everyone knew that I was talking about you – almost unanimously! Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy?
Chicara: It sure does. I think I go on and on about skulls A LOT, so that was definitely a key clue. Hehe. Thanks for all the kind words! It’s one of the reasons I love to blog. Not to be ‘famous’ or recognised, but for readers to get a sense of who I am and to find people who share my passions.
4. Did you know that people like your blog as much as they do?
Chicara: I had always hoped that they did. Ha,ha. In the beginning (3 years ago. Yikes!) I thought nobody would read my posts and that I would have to start commenting anonymously on my own blog. 😉 But I’m constantly reminded that I have a group of ladies that enjoy what I put out there and it gives me an incredible sense of accomplishment. For example I just reached a milestone on Instagram and Twitter. I celebrated 1,000 followers for the former and 2,000 for the latter. These numbers might be underwhelming for some, but they mean the world to little old me. 😉
So… I am now opening ANY suggestions for Project Feel Good! If you would like to make someone happy and want to feature them here, please mail me at lhenke123(at) and we’ll get cracking!!!

#Projectfeelgood – Round 7 (Hello routine)

You guys!!! I missed posting my construed pic of my  featured person 😦 but guess what… I’m almost caught up with my must-posts and almost completely back on track.

This week, I’m doing something special that will only be revealed on Thursday. The person I’m featuring this week is also special…. but then again… they’re all special.

But First – Namreen… Your prize is going to be given to you on the Hey Gorgeous High Tea *finger snaps* “pardy up in heeehaaaarrrrrr”

Biiiiitch! Hit refresh please!

OK, again… this is how it works:

From Sunday to Wednesday I’ll post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, pics of a person and a daily hint. The picture will be massively pixelated and you will have to guess who I’m talking about. You will have to TAG who you think it is so that this person knows that you’re thinking of them.

What you get: a chance to win a little prize

What the featured person gets: love

What other people get that you tag: even more love

What I get: nothing… just the chance to spread some love

Here’s your first hint: This blogger has been blogging for almost 3 (THREE) years but I feel that she’s very underrated but I envy that she has been a Ponds Blogger of the month!

Who is she? Who am I round 7 - pfgIt’s GREAT to be back!!! unnamed

#Projectfeelgood round 6 wraps up – and here she is

I’ll concede to the fact that my picture (which at the time looked really warped) gave away the whole game. Heather, I swear, I meant well. But at the end of the day, it’s not about the picture – it’s about sharing the love.

who am I round 6This week I had the pleasure of spreading some really true and lovely rumours about a blogger I call “friend” – Heather De Bruin. And as expected, she jumped right in and started to thank the people for their compliments and guessing it was her.

Heather is a blessing to so many people. If you don’t know her – you want to know her. Being in Heather’s company is like drinking a glass of wine – you get drunk on kindness and love and her advice is ALWAYS exactly what you need. I’ve wanted to feature her for ages, but I’m happy it finally happened this way.

Yesterday, I sent her an email with 4 questions and here’s what she had to say:

  1. Me: From day one, everyone knew that I was talking about you. Granted, my picture gave it away somewhat, but despite this little fact, people knew who you were. How does that make you feel?

Heather: So humbled I am just me and that’s all I ever want to be.  I suppose because I am “well-seasoned” shall we say , I have far less need to be competitive and I have a far greater desire to see people value each other more.

  1. Me: Megan Botha commented on one of the Instagram posts with a major compliment. How does it make you feel that people love and respect you so much.

Heather: WOW! Is that really how people see me? I have always been a very cuddly person, I love to believe everyone has good in them … this has led me to some personal disasters in my life and also some huge personal victories of overcoming. I could have chosen to change, or alternatively to grow wiser, staying true to the person I was made to be. That is the Heather you see today. It’s not always easy to love others unconditionally and I sometimes have to filter my feelings through what I call my ‘God’ filter, being a Christian I try asses things in my life from His perspective. In other words ‘is it my hurts that are reacting to a person/situation/comment’, or am I looking at the big picture? Love always wins with me and I forgive easily ,  but be sure I am no ‘push over’ *tee hee* I hope to continue making people proud, because then it means that love is overcoming the nastiness ‘out there’ online and winning back some ground in the battle against nastiness and bullying.

  1. Me: Now that you’ve been part of Project Feel Good. Do you think that it is something worth continuing?

Heather: Absolutely, nothing is more important that making friends and truly getting to know one another, especially on each other blogs. Initiatives such as this show that your heart is “just as big as mine” and eager to welcome others into your world … different ideas = same outcome

  1. Everyone loves the light you beam out to the rest of the world. How do you do it? It seems like you’re always happy – what is the secret.

Heather: Ah I wish it were so, nope I’m afraid I rant in private and that’s the only difference. We are all human and fall short of perfection, I choose to focus everyday on others and how I can make their day, rather than dwell on ‘me’.  I make it a #NoSelfie zone and get on with it! (put on my BIG GIRL panties and deal with life kinda thang!) The secret is to always remember this.

I would like to thank Heather and everyone else for being such a great sport. Next week I won’t be posting my regular posts so that I can play catch-up with a whole bunch of reviews I have to do and other things that piled up. But I will be back with another round in 2 weeks… and I already have the candidate!

This week’s winner

Because everyone guessed the same person, I thought I would put all the names in a hat and draw a name. Congrats Bronwyn – Mother city Mom! I will be in contact with you shortly with regards to sending your prize! Also… make sure you check out her site – it’s looking so fab – I want to make out with it!

Have a great rest of the week!!!

#ProjectFeelGood – Round 6 – ready! Set! Go

Everyone who loves this series, please raise your hand! I feel SO good when the suggestions start coming through and it’s so inspiring to see that we’ve got such a great, supportive bloggersphere in South Africa.

This week, I’m featuring a woman who, in my opinion, has worked REALLY hard to get where she is in her blogging career right now.

An update on the first PFG super person – Lauren Groenewald

As you may know, Lauren is emigrating to the UK in November (my friggin birthday month… thanks Lauren!). I really wish her the best of luck, but it doesn’t go without a heavy load of sadness. I feel like I just got to know her and now she’s leaving, but at least the addition of one more friend in the UK motivates me even more to save up for an overseas holiday.

I’m going to miss hanging out with you! 😦 CAM01489

Let’s get down to business

PFG – Your first hint: I really envy this woman’s drive and dedication to her blogs (yes… plural). She posts regularly and gets invited to loads of events.

who am I - round 6Tag who you think it is in my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts and you could win a little prize!

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