Tuesday 10’s – Summer lusts

Tuesday 10’s – my summer holiday lusts

I don’t know about you folks but I’m planning my holiday already. I’ve paid my deposit, planned my pre- and post- New Year’s activities and this time around (unlike last year) I’m going to forget about the “worldly problems” that haunt us because… guess what, 2013 Leana… yes you get frustrated… but it all works out… and you’re stronger for it.

I sought out to find THE summer MUST-HAVE items for 2014/2015 and I made my own personal short list of things I really, really want.

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Tuesday 10’s – the anti-pick up line list

I’ve never fallen victim to poor/corny pickup lines – not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Nevertheless, had a corny line been addressed to me, I’d probably laugh uncontrollably in the dude’s face.

The problem, guys, is that we don’t feel flattered by your attempts. Please make it stop. Continue reading

Tuesday 10’s – how to avoid having your picture taken

If you’re like me and terrified of a horrible picture of yourself making its way on social media, here’s a little secret… IF YOU PULL YOUR FACE… THEY’LL NEVER TAKE ANY PICTURES OF YOU AGAIN…

Tuesday 10’s – 10 men you want to marry

Fact: Hollywood men are artificially bred in some super sexy lab where they are fed the healthiest foods, made to train hard and learn all sorts of languages and accents. I also think they have a degree in “Wooing women”. … Continue reading

Tuesday 10’s – my top ten 9Gag gifs

Thanks to Ginger, I’ve been educated in the way of the nerd and I enjoy being at the forefront of the “pretty nerd” movement… #justkidding

He’s really opened my eyes to the wonderment of funny gifs and I often start up my laptop just to stare at some gifs. Recently I’ve LMAO at these:

  1. Breathing intensifies… (they’re such good actresses…) 1 - breathing
  2. When Tall Girls Twerk 2 - When tall girls twerk
  3. True Friendship 3 - true friendship
  4. Avenge Me! 4 - avenge me
  5. Me, when I get off the Treadmill 5 - treadmill
  6. What’s my line again? Oh yeah! baaahaha
  7. The Matrix Cat matrix cat
  8. Jenga cat jenga
  9. Stealthy Cat stealthy….. And I saved the best for last
  10. Impressed with himself …. is this dog hahahahahiehiehie

Tuesday 10’s – 10 things that make you South African

The other day on the radio, while I was driving home, they were talking about things that only happen in South Africa. This inspired me to come up with a few of my own “Unique to South Africa” things that I think you might like.

  1. You know that goose and cherry are synonyms for girl girl
  2. In every other English speaking country Carte Blanche means “free to do as you please”. In South Africa, it means “tomorrow is Monday”. carte blanche
  3. Ya means Yes
  4. Even though you don’t watch TV, you know that 7de Laan is not the name of a street.. 7delaan
  5. If you’re under 30, all you know is “Apartheid was bad” but you haven’t lived it…. EVERYBODY JUST KNOWS IT’S BAD.
  6. In any other country, the name “Leon Schuster” could be confused with some fancy dog breed… over here it’s an old white guy who manages to fool people with his kak disguises.

    English: Leon Schuster, South Africa 2001.

    English: Leon Schuster, South Africa 2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  7. “Bra” is better known for being the shortened version of “Bother” and not for being the shortened version of the lady helper, the “BrassiereFANTASY BRA
  8. Brandy and Coke is not the name of a woman and a drug. In fact, you call it “Brannas and coke” (Voms in hand) Humble_Brandy_and_coke
  9. When you hear “Mr. Price” you don’t think that it could be a math teacher or a partner of a firm… NO… you think “Oooh! A place where I can get my shop awn!”
  10. You know that Pap and Wors go together like Bacon and Eggs.

Despite what it might sound like, I’m very happy that I’m here. I might not be the typical Afrikaner girl (and have been complimented by an English lad once who said “You’re Afrikaans? You’re so eloquent … where’s your accent?”) but I love where I am and who I am. I wouldn’t have be the me that I am if I didn’t live here … so… THANK YOU SOUTH AFRICA!

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