Ceridwen’s Cauldron – Lush Bath Melt

Ceridwen's CauldrenMy lush haul (or at least what qualifies in my books as a haul) included a Ceridwen’s Cauldren. I was partly persuaded by a video I saw by another blogger (and now I can’t remember who it was… oops), but the name of the bath melt was the final nail in the coffin.

It makes me think of the country side where a bunch of hippies live off the land with a fire and a brewing pot … and I won’t lie… I want to be there. awkies

A Cauldron is a big metal pot used for cooking and here’s what tickles my “I-see-what-you-did-there” fancy. The bath melt looks like this: Ceridwen's Cauldron in hand

Sort of pot looking, right? And if you’re relaxing in the tub, it’s almost like a big pot – cooking away the stress.

A bath melt is a slow releasing bath oil and Ceridwen’s Cauldron is a lovely combination of oats, soothing lavender and rich oils. Every bath melt is wrapped like a gift in muslin cloth and dipped in wild flowers … feeling like a hippy yet?

As the butters melt, you’ll feel your skin softening and the stresses of the day leaving your body while the wild flowers and lavender create a feast for the senses. The oats make the water milky and you’d be excused for demanding the execution of your sister, because, yes, you WILL feel like Cleopatra.

The only downside to this is the one time use. But it is a GREAT once a month or once a week (if you can afford it) spoil and it is something that you must try. If you’d like to buy yours, click here.

Footnote…. How excited am I about Lush coming to Canal Walk? super excited 2

super excited


15 on Orange, Macaroons and champagne

When an invitation to a free macaroon making workshop is extended your way and when said workshop is held at the (fancy) 15 on Orange hotel, you say “Yes, where do I sign?”

I’ve looked forward to this workshop since Heather sent us the invitation – so much so, that I had mixed up the dates and trotted off to a whole weekend earlier. I had just passed N1 City mall when I thought I’d better check my phone for more details and a reminder saying “Macaroon workshop next weekend” popped up. My pride then lead me to Canal Walk where some window shopping was done instead.

Prior to this workshop, I had never tasted a proper macaroon in my life but I knew what the whole concept behind it was – whipped egg whites and sugar… right? WRONG! But let me start at the beginning.

I felt like a real life Alice in Wonderland – all confused, flustered and wondering where the hell I am but when I finally stumbled into 15 On Orange, it was as if I entered a new dimension. THERE ARE COUCHES…. IN THE LIFTS!

I gaped at the majesty of the rich décor and the attention to detail and … THERE’S A SHOE SHOP!

But… just for a moment… lesbehonest… lesbehonest I don’t remember much of the details of the macaroon making process – I believe there was champagne and a guy called Katlego who knew his champagne pouring ish.

But Leana’s issues aside and why you should attend a macaroon workshop at 15 On Orange

The thought of making something as finicky as macaroons, terrifies me and I’m sure it terrifies dozens others too. But once you’ve seen it being made and once you’ve tried it under the supervision of the professionals, it somehow feels much less daunting.

This is also a great activity for the girls. Pop the champagne, snack on some goodies and laugh at your first macaroon attempts with your best friends. At R295 per person, this macaroon workshop is a giveaway and guarantees to be educational and fun.

Here are just a few pictures that I took on the day. Also make sure to check out Lauren’s post and Klets & Kook’s post. (These are the only ones I know of right now, but more will come).

No Stalgia, thanks!

Last night in bed, while I was trying to fall asleep, a rush of suppressed teen memories filled my mind. As I relived all my cringe worthy memories, my heart thumped loudly in my chest. It felt like I had swallowed a cocaine balloon that had burst in my stomach and I couldn’t stop tripping! I so badly wished that I could go back in time and give 16-year-old-me a couple of “warm klappe”. Continue reading

I killed Spongebob

Last week was my birthday and I have to say… The Tweeps made me feel super special! Thank you so much to everyone who wished me for my bday!! You gals are amazing!!

I really had a good time and got some amazing gifts. The best being

  • They make Spongebob biscuits!! Can you believe that? I’m hooked!!!
  • The pineapple is obvs… guess what it is… OK I’ll tell you… they’re measuring jugs for baking! Oh yeah… there gonna be some baking going to happen.
  • FACE IT stickers… they’re these super awesome stickers that you can use to make faces wherever you want. I’ve been working very sparingly with them and have only made two faces yet… one on Nexi’s cover and one on my cosmetics box…hehehehe. I love them. In fact… I will get me some more if these are finished. Why? Because they make you see faces everywhere… then you chuckle. I believe you can get your hands on a box of stickers at Big Blue in Canal Walk.
  • I’m a sucker for personal gifts and this one warmed my heart to the max (Thanks so much Melissa). She even put it in a Spongebob gift bag for me… when I got home and absorbed the gravity of the thought that went into the gift I almost cried and I sent her a message to thank her. PS… Mel… why am I always on your left? hehehehe
  • The Sandman Endless Nights – Neil Gaiman – it’s basically a compilation of short graphic novels… and … it’s… awesome. Yes… yes… that is the sound of a closet nerd you’re hearing. *Loki is the real Thor hero* *The human torch is cooler than Captain America* *

These gifts, regardless of price, were my absolute favorites. Because they came from a really really good place. See… All I want is to be understood… 😀

I’ve tasted The Body Shop’s Honeymania!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this short time that I’ve been working with beauty products, it’s the power of people’s fear of missing out (FOMO). Ever since I read the Body Shop email about the launch of the new Honeymania range I’ve been planning my 16th of September 2013 carefully. What made it even more of an EVENT for me was the fact that it’s a one time only 50% off all Honeymania products! eeeeep

Then I saw that the VIP’s of the beauty world got invited to a preview of the range and my outright jealousy flared up like hay fever in Spring. I jumped onto the interwebs and immediately did some research about the range and I found that, in conjunction with the normal scrub, butter and soap combo, they also have an EDT and bath melt (not exactly sure what this is but it’s totally on my list) in this range.

Today, I took a fat chance and went into the Body Shop in Canal Walk and asked the pretty sales assistant if she could sneak me a little something-something to smell to feed my curiosity. My luck was IN!! Because just behind the counter they had some samples in anticipation of the big launch and she was friendly enough to sponsor me with a Honeymania Body Butter sample. LADIES …. I understand what the hype is about and I suggest you get to your nearest Body Shop as early as possible on Monday the 16th to avoid missing out. Me? I’m stuck at the pesky day job until 4:30pm and will possibly (if I’m lucky) only be able to feast on the scraps that the masses have left behind.

But at least I got to taste a little bit of Honeymania heaven!

Body Shop (800x600)