Ceridwen’s Cauldron – Lush Bath Melt

Ceridwen's CauldrenMy lush haul (or at least what qualifies in my books as a haul) included a Ceridwen’s Cauldren. I was partly persuaded by a video I saw by another blogger (and now I can’t remember who it was… oops), but the name of the bath melt was the final nail in the coffin.

It makes me think of the country side where a bunch of hippies live off the land with a fire and a brewing pot … and I won’t lie… I want to be there. awkies

A Cauldron is a big metal pot used for cooking and here’s what tickles my “I-see-what-you-did-there” fancy. The bath melt looks like this: Ceridwen's Cauldron in hand

Sort of pot looking, right? And if you’re relaxing in the tub, it’s almost like a big pot – cooking away the stress.

A bath melt is a slow releasing bath oil and Ceridwen’s Cauldron is a lovely combination of oats, soothing lavender and rich oils. Every bath melt is wrapped like a gift in muslin cloth and dipped in wild flowers … feeling like a hippy yet?

As the butters melt, you’ll feel your skin softening and the stresses of the day leaving your body while the wild flowers and lavender create a feast for the senses. The oats make the water milky and you’d be excused for demanding the execution of your sister, because, yes, you WILL feel like Cleopatra.

The only downside to this is the one time use. But it is a GREAT once a month or once a week (if you can afford it) spoil and it is something that you must try. If you’d like to buy yours, click here.

Footnote…. How excited am I about Lush coming to Canal Walk? super excited 2

super excited


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#ctmeetup – Cindy and Nikki jou doring!

Going to meets and greets is currently very high on my list of favourites. I’ll happily pay my “ticket” and hang out with some awesome new people while enjoying some treats and goodie bags.

At the beginning of the year, Lauren Groenewald and Nicole Dirks did a top notch job at putting together the Cape Town Blogger meet. It was the first proper meet that I ever attended (one that I didn’t put together myself) and only then did I understand why people love these “socials”. Since then, I took every opportunity I could to be part of gatherings like these and along came Cindy and Nikki with the Cape Town Meet up! What was different about this meet, was that it was open to Instagrammers, Tweeps … anyone with social media platforms, really.

On the 9th of August, a gaggle of gals trotted off to I Love my Laundry in Bree street for a day of chats, dim-sum, wine and cheesecake. I’ve had some pretty good dim-sum in my day… but I Love My Laundry’s secret dim-sum recipe exceeds any other I’ve ever had. What I love most about the venue is the atmosphere. As a “2-time viby event attender” at I Love My Laundry, I can’t imagine not having a great time there. Banner

Good on you gals!

I’ve seen what Lauren looked like after she set up the Cape Town Blogger meet and I remember how I felt after putting together the Hey Gorgeous brunch last year. It’s almost like your wedding day (OK not really, but very close) – it takes months of preparation and hard work to pull off an event that lasts a couple of hours. It’s nerve wrecking, but Cindy and Nikki pulled it off like champs without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, Nikki couldn’t make it due to a work emergency – she was sorely missed.

The goodies!

Lauren managed to take some awesome pictures of the goodie bags and of the event. Check out her post here and bare witness to what wine does to me. As I work through the amazing goodie bag, I’ll post my reviews. 😀

Really amazing


A blogger’s dream

When I started this little blog, I never expected it to be read by anyone. Then there were Tweeps that I got to meet and fellow bloggers who comment on my posts. COMMENTS ON POSTS ARE WAY UNDERRATED!! We should make a point of commenting on posts everyday!

Then came Liebster… and I got nominated… once… twice… thrice …. 4 times!! And I was like….

tumblr_mip37miw1U1rmqqbro1_250Then…. drum roll this tweet

Truth is… I’m just a normal girl… and I try to live by the words of my friend Heather De Bruin who is one of the sweetest people I know “You will get very far, by just being nice”. And Z… this was one of the nicest things and biggest honors ever! Thank you thank you thank you!

I think, at the end of the day… every blogger’s dream is to get a message like this.