2 Friday song Crushes!

Friday Song crush time again! I have a doozy this week – I had to dig into my personal stash of special kind of music. As you probably know, I’m a raging indie groupie. If this was the 60’s, I would wear bellbottoms, crop tops without a bra and a flower crown… oh wait… it’s a “thing” now…

I realise, though, that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so you will be excused for not listening to this. If you’re an Alt J fan however, then you’ll know that their latest album is a MASSIVE hit and managed to make 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st on this week’s top 20 i-tunes/Kia list within a week of release! That’s pretty great.

One of my faves is The Gospel of John Hurt … think it might to good in an episode of Vampire Diaries or The Originals… is all I’m saying CW. (PS… Megzie… we totes needs to get our drank awn)

If you remember the dude from “Riptide” – Vance Joy – you’ll be pleased to know he’s not another one hit wonder and I’m happy he’s back with this one, called “First Time” – I think it’s really sweet. I love it!


Surprise!!! Friday Song Crush

You can take away my makeup… I’ll retreat to the cave I came from. You can take away my wine… actually that’s not accurate… don’t touch my wine. You can take away my chocolate… It will be hard, but DON’T take away my music!!

This week has been dedicated to reviews, competition reveals and event updates, but I want to end it off with some good vibes and music. So here you go… somme 2 songs!

The Kiffness – Find a way Ft Shortstraw

Again… my piece of humble pie is getting really big. This is all sorts of kiff and cool and SUMMER… which is why it’s high up on my playlist – getting me into the summer mood! Enjoy!

Lana Del Rey – West Coast

This song’s name was easy to remember because… I so badly wanna go to L.A. one day… this song though… HAWT DAMN… it’s so cool… that LL Cool J needs to change his name to LL Lame J…

Have a great weekend yaaaalll

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Friday Song Crush … and I’m happy it’s the weekend

A little while ago, I heard a song on the radio. I liked it, Googled the lyrics and downloaded it. Then a couple of weeks later, I heard the same song… REMIXED… and my world changed forever. Now, when I hear a song I like, I’ll rather check out if anyone has done a remix of it yet.

I give you – Alle Farben feat. Graham Candy – She Moves (Far Away) [Bakermat Remix]

Have a great weekend!

Friday Song Crush …. I am full of humble pie

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I featured Beatenberg’s Rafael? I said “jammer Goldfish… it’s Beatenberg for best SA band now..” I also admitted to not being very fond of the South African music scene either and last week Veranda Panda got me going with their new song “Pineapple Sundae”.

This week I heard Goldfish’s Moonwalk away for the first time and absolutely LOVED it. There are quite a few remixes of this song, but I quite dig the Moonlanding mix the most (also the version played on the radio).

I hope you enjoy it and gets you excited about summer as it makes me! K-Bosch summer concerts… \m/ whooohoo!

Oh… and also… Goldfish… I’m sorry. *eats another peace of humble pie*

Happy Weekend!

Friday Song Crush – so Indie

There’s a serious dry spell in the land of Vampire series (with the exception of Penny Dreadful of course) so I’ve begun to re-watch a little bit of Vampire Diaries and the Originals and found myself seriously whipping my hair back and forth to the sound of a couple of tracks.

“I want to score movies” – that effing hot dude from Pitch Perfect. Movie scorers are so spot on. If I knew that movie scoring was a thing, I would have seriously changed my career path. I simply LOVE music. A good song can inspire, evoke and emotionalize and in the case of The Originals, the scorers must have their PhD’s in music.





me –> fan girl

Here’s one of the tracks that I found really moving. I give you… The Struggle, by Grizfolk. Enjoy!

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