Happiness is a Hey Gorgeous Pineapple and Mango Body Sorbet

Just like everyone who attended the Hey Gorgeous High Tea at the One and Only Hotel, I got the first look at their spring/summer range. As I was helping to set up and pack out the products, I “Ooh and … Continue reading

Blendbox – The newbie to watch

I absolutely LOVE finding new beauty brands. Why? Because you get to see how the brand evolves and grows into it’s own unique personality. Today as I flipped through my Twitter time line under my desk at work… I mean… during lunch time, I saw @blendboxsa EVERYWHERE! Obviously I HAD to follow and see what they’re all about.

I should have waited till I got home before I explored Blend Box’s website because for the rest of the day, I couldn’t really concentrate much on the registration of Trusts or Shareholders changes. When I got home, my laptop couldn’t start up quick enough. I went to their website and found all sorts of oulike products from scrubs to soaps and candles – even shaving a mousse which is cleverly named “Moos Lee” – slim ne!


What I loved most about them was that as soon as I followed them, they followed back with a lovely message thanking me for the follow. To me, this says that the brand is interested in getting to know the person – it’s not about making the sale. I also got an invite to their Facebook page and when the laptop from Noag se ark was alive, I bolted to Facebook to invite some of my friends there too.

Scrolling down their Facebook page I saw that they are “net so na my hart” with their wholesomeness and their Afrikaans posts made me want to call them up and talk to them like we’re old friends. By then I’d already sent them my lust mail in English (rather stalker-ish) asking for their firming body scrub.

You guys absolutely have to check them out:

Email: miemieviljoen@gmail.com

Website: www.blendbox.co.za

Twitter: @blendboxsa and Facebook

You’ll thank me for it!!!

Love and caramel muffin crumbs